Extra Mural Activities

Sport and cultural

Teachers go to a lot of trouble to organize sport and cultural activities on a large scale. A detailed time-table will be made available at the start of each term. As your child has first call on the teacher’s attention and service during the morning, so the school has first call on your child’s support and participation in the sporting and cultural activities after school. 

By giving loyal support the school can do well, which is a positive building block in the education of your child. These activities have a positive influence on the work done in class. On the sports fields pupils and teachers become better acquainted. 

Pupils are inspired by this more personal acquaintanceship to achieve better results in class. 

This is even more the case when parents attend matches and performances and show their interest. 

We even have some parents assisting us as coaches. When arranging private classes, e.g. music, ballet, horse riding, etc., please first consider the above and arrange for days which do not clash with the major sporting days at school.