• No fancy or “craze” hairstyles allowed.
  • Hair must be clean and neatly style
  • Hair touching the collar must be tied up neatly.
  • Hair must be controlled at all times; no wild, spikey styles.
  • Only white or red hairbands, bobbles, alice-bands, ribbons and scrunchies allowed.
  • No wisps or long fringes that hang in the eyes.
  • Hair may not be bleached, coloured, highlighted or tinted.
  • Braided hair is permitted but:
    Braiding may not be shorter than the bottom of the ear-lobe, nor longer than just below the shoulders.
  • Rules regarding hair touching the collar also apply to braided hair.
  • Only normal thin braiding is allowed – no thick,twisted or curly braiding.
  • Emphasis is on neatness and cleanliness.


  • Hair at back may not touch shirt collar and “steps” are not allowed.
  • Hair must be worn short, above the collar and clear of the eyes and ears.
  • No crazy fashion hairstyles, which do not look right with the uniform, will be permitted.