School Fees

All fees must be paid at the school’s Finance Office or directly into the school’s bank account. 

Gr. R – 7 – R650 per month and R7150 per year. (R650 x11)
If full amount is paid before en March 2020 parents only pay R6610 for the year.

Westfields Primary School
ABSA Carletonville 
Cheque Account
Account No. 711 500 367
Reference: Child’s name and surname

Parents are requested to notify the school immediately of any change of address or telephone number. 
This may save a lot of trouble IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.

If a textbook or library book is lost it must be paid for. 
Money for a book found within one month of receipt being issued, will be refunded. 
If a book is damaged beyond repair the pupil will have to pay for it.