School Song / Prayer

Westfields Eagles:

There’s a school so smart you’d like to know
It is Westfield Primary – Wow!
We wear our uniform with pride
And push all bad things to the side.

Westfields Eagles
We fly so high in the sky
We do not fear
When danger or failure is near
We do our best
Respect all our friends and the rest
Westfields Eagles persevere
And in the end – we succeed.

School Prayer:

Heavenly Father, who giveth all wisdom
And understanding, teach us in this
School, that we are all Thy children,
So that we may be kind, thoughtful and
Merciful, one toward another.

Everlasting God, give us strength to
Persevere and Succeed, in our search
After knowledge, in our understanding
Of justice, and in our discovery of
The riches of Thy Kingdom.

May we always be ready, to praise Thee
And glorify Thee, in clean living and
Right thinking. As we learn these
Things, teach us to measure, the
Success of our living, in service to
Thee, and our fellow men.