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The existing school track suit will be phased out and the red Dri-mac will not be allowed as part of the school uniform anymore.

We appeal to parents to help their children to dress correctly in the school uniform. Our pupils travel to all parts of town and the vicinity each day, and are very much in the public eye.

It is therefore obvious that multi-coloured mufflers, casual jerseys, brown shoes, slacks, etc. are not at all acceptable. School jerseys may not be worn with casual clothing after school. On leaving the school grounds at the end of a school day, pupils are required to be properly dressed in full school uniform. L.O. lessons should not provide an excuse for leaving the school half-dressed.

Pupils will be advised regarding seasonal changes of uniform. On a cold summers day, winter uniform may be worn.

Extra clothes must be worn under, not over, the uniform.

Bracelets, bangles, rings, chains and earrings are not part of the school uniform. These get lost or damaged and the teachers and office staff are expected to solve the problems. Some of the “jewellery” may even cause injuries to pupils. When girls have their ears pierced only gold or silver sleepers or the small gold or silver studs are allowed. No nail varnish is allowed.


Pupils should be made to understand that while in school uniform – on their way to school or home, they are in the public eye. Any public misconduct detrimental to the image of the school will be considered in a serious light. Please help us to set a standard of attention to the details of appearance which are so essential for attractiveness.

Code of behaviour
Hand in hand with the pride a child takes in his school and his uniform, goes a certain code of behaviour. The chewing of gum and shouting at each other in normal conversation are regarded as offences and inappropriate behaviour whilst wearing the Westfields school uniform. 

NO cellphones allowed during school hours.


Our Philosophy on education at Westfields is to educate the child in the service of our country. This school exists for one purpose only and that is to educate the pupil. Westfields is pupil orientated with the pupil the fulcrum around which all else revolves. All facilities at Westfields are employed to realize our philosophy of education. Although the teachers are responsible for the formation of the character and personality of the child to its fullest possible extent within the boundaries of the school programme, they rely heavily on the support and assistance of the parent.

The ideal is to have an informed parent community which has a clear understanding of the privileges, duties and parameters of authority the school and home to respect it. The parent must render service in educating his child in the broadest possible sense. We urge parents to become involved and thus become partners in the process of education. Involvement creates an aware and caring parent community. 

The information contained in this brochure should be pinned inside a cupboard door or behind your child’s bedroom door for easy reference.


1.1.1 Skirt 
-Light grey culotte
-skirts should not be shorter or longer than a measurement of one hand (the child’s hand) above the knee.
-Underwear – to match uniform.

1.1.2 Shirt
Red golf shirt and school badge.

1.1.3 Footwear
-Black lace-up shoes/plain black – one strap with buckle
-Plain short white socks.

Grey long-sleeved shirt and tie with:
1.2.1 Grey culotte, grey bobby socks, black school shoes with grey school jersey, grey pull-over, regulation school jacket.
1.2.2 Grey flannel long pants, grey bobby socks and black school shoes.

N.B. Long sleeved vest or coloured T-shirt may not be visible
1.2.3 Grey school scarf.

1.3.1 Red school golf shirt and regulation shorts black shorts for L.O.
1.3.2 School will supply uniform for netball, athletics, hockey, soccer and cricket (excluding foot wear and cricket pants).


2.1.1 Pants 
-Grey flannel pants, short.

2.1.2 Shirt
-Red golf shirt and school badge.

2.1.3 Footwear
-Black lace-up shoes, no thick soled fashion shoes or boots.
-Long grey socks.

Grey long-sleeved shirt & tie with:
2.2.1 Grey flannel long pants, grey socks, black school shoes with grey school jersey, grey pull-over, regulation school jacket.

NB. Long sleeved vest or coloured T-shirt may not be visible. 
NB Plain black beanies (knitted caps) may ONLY be worn before school and during breaks. This is an addition to the school uniform and if abused, the privilege will have to be recovered 

2.3 SPORT (Girls & Boys)
Sports uniform will be supplied to learners representing a team.

2.4 L.O. (Girls and Boys)
Black shorts and T-shirts/golf shirts will be required for L.O. periods.