School Emblem

The learners and staff members of Westfields Primary School uphold the badge of the school as an accurate symbol of the ethos that is maintained by all proud Westfielders.

Meaning / Colours: 

The colours of Westfields Primary School are red, grey and white. We are also very proud to mention that these colours are registered at the Heraldic Society of South Africa. A fact that not many schools can claim.


“Persevere and Succeed”. This is an attitude that is instilled in the mind, heart and character of every learner and staff member at Westfields. It is believed that if one perseveres in times of challenge, the victory will be yours eventually. Our motto embodies the spirit of every Westfielder. It also encompasses the pride and loyalty of the school as an educational community.

The Atomic Sphere:

This symbol is a sign of our scientific approach to the obtaining of truth and meaning. It involves a keen search to the gaining of understanding about the evolving world we live in. 

The Open Book:

Represents our quest for knowledge. An enrichment of both spirit and mind and a desire to learn more from those who come before us. Reading forms a fundamental part of the lives of Westfielders, because books hold the key to the wisdom and progress we strive to achieve.
The badge of our school appears on our gates, vehicles, flag and uniform. We wear it with pride and our behaviour reflects this pride when we display it.