History of Westfields

Westfields Primary School started in January 1957.

The school building was an asbestos building near Carleton Jones High School. (The old Goudwes School/.)

The first headmaster was Mr K J Kerling. In 1962 while Mr W E Spruyt was headmaster, the school split into Westfields Primary School and Carleton Jones High School. Mr W V Pullen now became the first primary school headmaster.

The old buildings were in an area where sinkholes were happening. The authorities were meant to build the primary school next to Carleton Jones High School, but this was too dangerous. The school was then built at Kernite Street in an area which was meant to be a park.

On October 1965, the school moved into the beautiful buildings in Kernite Street. This brick building has offices, a staffroom and a hall.

The parents of the school built the tuckshop and the clubhouse (Mr Lubbe’s Classroom). The storeroom near the tuckshop and the Deputy Principal’s office have also been built by our parents.

When Mr Pullen left in 1968 to become headmaster of Carleton Jones High School, Mr G G van der Nest, the deputy principal, became principal until his retirement in July 1989. Mr Eddie van Niekerk was acting principal until January 1990 when Mr H J Louw took over from him. Mr Louw was principal for 21 years. In February 2012, Mr Ivings was appointed as the new principal.

WV Pullen 1962-1968
GG vd Nest 1967-1989
Mr Louw 1990-2012
Mr Ivings 2011 - 2017

In August 1992 the first pupils of other race groups were admitted and atpresent our school has more than 1000 pupils.

Apart from 4 classes in each grade, Westfields also host 3 Grade R classes.

The staff of Westfields consist of 1 headmaster, 1 deputy principal, 4 H.O.D’s, 21 teachers and 5 office ladies.

There are 6 men and 3 ladies that we call the support staff. The men look after the grounds and the ladies make tea and keep our school’s toilets, classrooms, windows, etc., clean.

Westfield’s children are Eagles, because they are taught to spread their wings and soar to the highest heights.

We are proud of our motto: Persevere and Succeed (keep trying until you are able to do it/until you succeed).